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Ecological and sustainable solutions

Ecological and sustainable solutions

PET replacement

In the time of circular economy, the markets shift to laminated packaging, produced from fully recyclable structures. In response to that demand we introduce to the market a films, that can replace PET in laminated structures, without losing package functionality.

LAMILEN HB – very rigid film with good optical properties, designed for fully recyclable PE/PE laminated structures.

Bio-based films

We can supply or products in GREEN version. Polyethylene used in that films, is based on sugarcane instead of oil. Sugarcane is used to produce ethanol, which is used to produce ethylene. This ethylene is polymerized to get material, which has the same functionalities as the material sourced from oil. In this way, our GREEN products have the same properties as regular, oil based films. This means no changes in equipment or converting and packaging process.

Our GREEN films reduce the use of oil and have positive influence in reducing the CO₂ in atmosphere.