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Quality and hygiene

ISO 9001

Our company pays due attention to always delivering high quality products. A guarantee of our products’ safety is ISO 9001 system and the safety package assurance system for the products that have direct contact with food. Apart from base control of the production department and thanks to our own laboratory which works closely together with our Quality Control Department, we carry out the control of all produced films in constant production time 24/7.

TNPP free technology

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, our recipes are designed in such way to ensure the stability of parameters. We pay a lot of attention to the safety of our films and the products being packed into. A good example of that could be the design of our food packaging films which are produced in TNPP free technology.

Automation and control

Our production process characterizes a very high degree of automation and control. It is overseen and managed by the ERP class system and integrated inspection control system of the production parameters. Within the production cycle itself the highest quality can be reached by additional systems, for instance the system of visual inspection which records all defects for each roll of the film produced.